2017 Côtes du Grove


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36% Syrah, 26% Petite Sirah, 18% Zinfandel, 10% Pinot Noir


Clarksburg / Lodi


The Syrah comes from Six Hands Winery’s Estate Vineyard in Clarksburg and was planted in 1995 in fine, sandy loam soil. The Petite Sirah are sourced from the Palmero Family Vineyard aka Cresci Vineyard in Lodi. The vines were planted in 1987 in rocky, medium clay soil with eastern sun exposure and are trellised in the single cordon training system. Owl boxes situated throughout the vineyard offer a natural method of pest control. The Zinfandel comes from the Cusumano Ranch in Lodi. The Zin are “old vines” and produce lovely fruity wines. The Pinot Noir is from the McCormack’s Langhart Vineyard within the Clarksburg AVA. The Pinot Noir was planted in 2013 and the vines enjoy the Delta breeze and cooling night temperatures.


The individual varietals that compose the Côtes du Grove are crushed, de-stemmed, and vinified separately to highlight their individual character. The grapes macerate on their skins during primary fermentation for two weeks under cool conditions. Punch-downs occur three times a day. After the wines are pressed, they are racked into tanks to complete malolactic fermentation and settle for two months. The wine is later blended and moved to barrel to age for 18 months in second-year barrels. The Côtes du Grove is blended and bottled unfined and lightly filtered before release.


Our Côtes du Grove is styled in the image of a French Côtes du Rhône, all with a Delta twist! Rich, spicy, and luscious, it is an easy pour alongside anything from slow-cooked ribs and grilled lamb chops to lasagna and hearty stews.

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